Meet Peter – Aboriginal Engagement and Mentoring Manager

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Meet Peter – Aboriginal Engagement and Mentoring Manager

Meet Peter Cox – Aboriginal Engagement and Mentoring Manager.

We asked Peter what his goal is with DDR and the community:

“I am looking to identify and fill as many employment opportunities within DDR for our Aboriginal community as possible. Not only entry-level roles but also meaningful long-term careers and, with the help of DDR employees, provide a safe workplace for everyone to thrive and achieve their work and life goals. The way DDR supports new and established Aboriginal businesses is a massive driver for me as I see how much of an impact just one Aboriginal business can have on a whole community. Seeing an Aboriginal business be successful is an inspiration to many. Imparting wisdom has been in our culture for over 60 thousand years, and it is still strong and allows Aboriginal people to thrive and succeed in the environment we now live in. I am still learning in my role as Aboriginal Engagement and Mentoring Manager, but at the age of 40, I have learned some pretty valuable life lessons along the way that I can share, and hope others will learn from.”

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