Our Mission & Values

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Our Mission

Our purpose is to contribute positively to communities around Australia by providing meaningful opportunities to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their businesses. We strive to build strong relationships with all of our clients and partners, to deliver innovative and predictable outcomes through positive and open communication.

Our Vision

To be the preferred end-to-end building and services provider and the largest, most trusted majority-owned Aboriginal enterprise. We will challenge ourselves and others, to increase opportunities for present and future generations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, enabling sustainable financial resilience and community stability.

Our Values


We cultivate significant relationships with local peoples through an ongoing process of listening and embracing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and people’s way of life. We offer genuine employment, training opportunities and regularly engage other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses, Traditional Owners and community.


Each of us is responsible for our words, our actions and our results. We respect and honour commitments to our stakeholders, local communities, each other and  maintain a fair and honest approach in all our interactions.


We promote creativity and collaboration by nurturing the unique personalities and skill sets of each of our team members. We believe that a person’s individuality is what sets DDR apart from other workplaces.


We treat everyone with dignity, courtesy, politeness and kindness. We respect the culture and values of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and will incorporate into our everyday practices.


We create and promote a culture where all may thrive. We empower our team members to have the courage to speak up, have a go and help drive positive change, both at work and in the community. We combine our collective skills and life experiences to provide value for all stakeholders, while supporting personal growth and celebrating achievements.