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Project Description

Electrical and hydraulic upgrades to fifteen sewer pump stations. Thirteen of the pump stations consist of single pumps and local control panel and the remaining two pump stations have dual pumps and local control panels which operate in a duty/standby configuration. Key hydraulic scope items include the provision of overflow storage facilities to the two larger pump stations. A new telemetry system was installed to report real time pump status and alarms to ensure timely responses and reporting.

Hydraulic Scope
• Provision of overflow storage to one pumping station and one new combined pumping station and emergency storage structure.
• Modification of one pumping station into a valve chamber.
• Provision of duty/standby pumps to two pump stations.
• Replacement of corroded and damaged pump station hardware, pipes, fittings and other accessories.
• Provision of discharge pipework and fittings, including the provision of external valve pits.
• Replacement of all pumps.
• Epoxy lining concrete chambers.
• Provision of new access covers and lids to pump stations.
• Removal of abandoned septic tank.

Electrical Scope
• Provision of electrical services to support upgrades to all Sewage Pumping Stations (SPS), including local control panels, level switches (float type), power and control cables, motors, and mini UPS.
• Provision for installation of new telemetry hardware systems at all SPS.
• Installation of new hardware including receiver/transmitter modem, antenna, telecom cabling, supporting structure to fix antenna, and radio survey.
• Provision of new PLC and touch screen Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) at EMOS office (C0120) and BCP (C0121) for monitoring, acknowledging and clearing alarms received from each SPS.


• Provides stakeholders with real time telemetry and monitors pump hours, tank levels, overflow levels.
• Providing a reliable system.
• Reduction in maintenance requirements for EMOS and real time reporting of faults.

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