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Project Description

HMAS Stirling is the primary operational support base for the Royal Australian Navy capability on the west coast of Australia.

The HMAS Stirling Redevelopment Stage 3A Project aims to upgrade and refurbish existing key infrastructure and facilities to meet the requirements of current and projected operational and support capabilities.

DDR were engaged to perform fender support element works for the MA3 portion of the project as below:

Armament Wharf:

  • Blast and re-coat of existing piles and fender backing boards.
  • Replacement of timber planks with rubber fender profile on dolphin.
  • Replacement of fender chains at dolphin.
  • Blast and re-coat of mooring bollards and steel piles.
  • Replacement of sacrificial anodes.
  • Replacement of all fender-to-wharf chains and timber facing pads.

Diamantina Pier:

  • Removal and replacement of fender backing boards and piles.
  • Replacement of all timber strake with UHMWPE strake.
  • Blast and re-coat of steel pier end edge fender supports.

Moresby Harbour:

  • Blast, repair and re-coat of all steel piles.
  • Inspection and replacement of timber rubbing strip.
  • Replenishment of missing pile waterproof cap.
  • Inspection and replacement of damaged sway chains.

Oxley & Parkes Wharves:

  • Removal and replacement of all fender piles and backing boards.
  • Blast and re-coat of mooring bollards.
  • Replacement of steel cope point lids and trays.
  • Blast and re-coat of wharf and dolphin access way.


  • The works aimed to extend the service life of the maritime structures to 2055.
  • Challenging programme over nearly 2.5 years, accommodating shipping and other base activities.
  • Defence project with unique requirements for base access, reporting and estate data tool.
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    Doric Group


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